Saturday, 27 November 2010


Photography is the art which immortalises the moment. 

Here are some of my works...

Nothing lasts forever

Love, peace, faith and friendship are only a few of the excruciatingly lovely human feelings that are considered to resist an eternity. The mankind has not the power to become immortal, but what we all leave behind can make a difference to the world we live in and leave a mark upon our planet Earth. By taking advantage of our superior “weapons”-our sentiments- we will be able to build eternal legacies and make the impossible become possible. 

Unfortunately, nowadays death has come to the depressing state of conquering everything. In these unhappy days, not even the pure love can fight against our fears nor overcome our problems. Not even faith has the divine power to dominate and control us for the rest of our humble lives. We have become more aware of the fact that we have been given a priceless gift, the free-will, but despite using this in order to improve our lifestyles, we have provoked the opposite effects.

We are what we want to. We have the ability to make our own choices, to take our own decisions, to make our own mistakes and find our own solutions. It’s true that we cannot control death, but what we can do is taking care of our lives. By ignoring the most common habits and looking down to the others, we become the ones who destroy everything we have previously achieved. We turn ourselves into murderers and, what is more, we quite enjoy it! I mean, not being forced to take any responsibility sounds like an appealing offer, but what about what is to come? If we don’t cherish our present and keep on destroying it, in the future we won’t even have a past to talk about! We will lack our memories and feel sorry for ourselves, but it will be too late to change anything! 

To sum up, I shall say that I am aware that each and every thing on Earth contains a self-destructive part which, after a period of time when it functions well, orders the end. We will never succeed in finding a way to control our lives, but if we take care of our actions, we will, at least, be able to “convince” our feelings to last forever.

How can books influence our moods?

I’m sure that all of us have read at least one book which had an important impact on his/her personality. We must admit that there are books which make us forget about our problems, involving us in their fictive universes. They can simply determinate us to abandon the reality and use our imagination so as to create our own world. This represents the cathartic character of books.

But, how can a book make us change our moods? Is this possible? Many scientists agreed that when people are upset, angry with somebody or disappointed in love, they prefer reading romantic novels so as to make them escape from their sadness. Well, I can tell you that this works for me too. Reading a book which presents love as a main theme will probably make me cry and express my feelings in order to get through easier with all my problems. It is said that when people are happy, they have bigger expectations, so they start reading adventure books and even science-fiction literature, which is known by everybody as a specific type of writing which help us get busy.

Literature has a huge impact on us. Reading should be for everybody an activity which manages to bring together two different purposes. It could help us have fun and in the same time, learn something new. It could make us see life through different eyes and decide which are the good and the bad parts of it. Reaching a fantastic world, could make us compare it with reality and decide what we should do so as to live in a better world.

Many people believe that they couldn’t live without their favourite books. Each of us has a particular way of seeing life, so we all have some books which manage to make us feel like we weren’t human anymore and we would live in a perfect world. Sometimes, people find themselves in their favourite characters, comparing their appearances, thoughts with those fictive persons, inspired from reality. This could be a good thing as long as these people are aware of the fact that their models are only some inventions, which were brought to life thanks to their “creators’” imagination. Life can be presented from different perspectives, using not only good elements, but also bad ones, so reading could really help us find out the truth.

In conclusion, none of us should ever abandon the universe of literature. If we keep reading, which means feeding our souls and our minds by providing them information, we will be able to overcome all our difficulties. So, never stop achieving new purposes in order to be successful! By using a book, we could travel all over the world, meeting new civilizations and comparing people. To sum up, I can definitely say that a book is the most important treasure of a human being!


Going to the cinema – a waste of money or an incredible adventure?

Everyone enjoys going out on a Friday night. After a week full of problems and quarrels with your boss, you’d give anything in this world in order to have the chance to relax a bit and escape to another world. But how is that possible? I have on single world for you: CINEMA. Watching a good film could be the solution to all your problems as it is both cheap and convenient. It temporally brings you a state of pleasure, making you leave all your worries and problems outside the cinema room. But, knowing that, nowadays, our homes take advantage of the highest standards of comfort and luxury, is it worth going to the cinema or not?

Ever since it was invented, the cinematography has been considered to be the 8th World Wonder thanks to its incredible utility. There’s a long way from using rolls of film to using digital imaging sensors, but cinematography hasn’t avoid taking it up. Whether it was used as a way of entertainment, or as a true passion, the filmmaking industry has grown up quickly, giving birth to a wide range of priceless actors and actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Terry Thomas and so on. The Hollywood welcomed them all, giving them a chance to prove their talents and revolutionise the concept of filmmaking.

Nowadays, the film industry keeps on amazing us with all kinds of curious devices. Going to the cinema is no longer a leisure activity, but a sort of fascination for art. Films have beaten their previous state of “amazing pieces of work”, going straight to the title of “works of art”. Right now, the 3D technology seems to have simply revolutionised the era of films, metamorphosing them into something brand new. By going to the cinema to watch a 3D film, you actually choose to get lost into another world and forget everything around you. Take for example the recent films, Avatar and the amazing story of Alice in Wonderland, that have succeeded in convincing the entire world of the magical effects of the three-dimensional film. If you saw them, then you’d know what I’m talking about!

Having analysed the present state of filmmaking industry, I am totally convinced that the future will bring us more progress and more incredible devices, that we’ll help us even teleport ourselves in the fictive universe of a film like this. What is more, unknown actors will eventually conquer the Hollywood, pacing fiercely in the spotlight!

To sum up, with such incredible present offers and such convincing and breathtaking prospects for the future, what are you all waiting for? Rush at the nearest cinema, and check out one of the latest 3D films. I guarantee you that you’ll live with your eyes wide open a one-of-a-kind experience. So, going to the cinema is definitely worth the price you pay for the ticket and the time you spend on the road. Say good-bye to your home-cinema systems and become a regular customer of you local cinema! Just do it and don’t ask any questions! Good luck!



Satisfied or not?

Sometimes students are not satisfied with the facilities provided by their high schools, or they want a change in the process of education. The aim of the material is to find out what students really want for their high schools to be like and how they think they can improve them.

The interview was taken at "Ienachita Vacarescu" National College, from Targoviste, Romania. This high school is considered to be the best high school from the region, and it is, by the way, the place where I study.